IBP Technologies is the leading Network Behavior Analysis solution worldwide. Delivering visibility across physical and virtual networks, IBP Technologies eliminates network blind spots and reduces total network and security management costs. With a powerful three-click incident investigation workflow, IBP Technologies’s user friendly GUI accelerates incident investigation through graphs, pie charts, line charts, visual cues, all of which can be drilled into for further information and investigation.

The system’s patented Concern Index or Alarm manager provides an early and powerful clue into anomalies that demand immediate attention. IBP Technologies offers the flexibility and capability to drill down into host snapshot and down to the user, MAC, flows, interface utilization and a wide array of other host statistics needed for rapid incident resolution.

Use cases:
• Slow network — IBP Technologies provides a prioritized list of your organization’s most congested interfaces, perhaps prime candidates for WAN Optimization, provides drill downs throughout the product so you can drill into a traffic spike, for example and determine the underlying cause of said spike. These are but a couple of examples of how IBP Technologies can help troubleshoot a slow network.

• User complaints about desktop — IBP Technologies tracks user activity on the network to see which other hosts they’re talking to, how much traffic they’re consuming, what the traffic is composed of in terms of services and applications, the supporting flows and probes for that host, and many other valuable nuggets of host context needed for troubleshooting a wide array of network issues.

• Greatest network risks — IBP Technologies’s patented Concern Index automatically prioritizes the hosts posing the greatest risk to your network, an ideal starting point for resolving the most important incidents first.

• Security threats — The IBP Technologies Worm Tracker is a feature that illustrates where the worm’s been in your Enterprise and where it’s likely to go next. Existing customers lock down worms in hours compared to weeks before. IBP Technologies alarms on denial of service conditions and boot activity as well.

• Security vulnerabilities — Misconfigured firewalls are an often overlooked type of network vulnerability. IBP Technologies provides several features which lend themselves to identifying misconfigured firewalls, including zone locking, a soft firewall that not only alarms on unauthorized host access but unauthorized service communications between hosts.

• QoS Monitoring — IBP Technologies dscp monitoring tracks bandwidth consumption by dscp value across you entire Enterprise to help you refine QoS policies ensuring preferential treatment for the most critical traffic.