Network deployment is one of the most complex tasks that need meticulous execution. It includes setting the correct network configuration, ensuring optimum parameter settings and testing the functionality of standalone network elements. IBP Technologies has worked on numerous network integration projects for all the Tier 1 OEMs.

System Integration
Different IBP Technologies teams specializing in various technologies and sub-systems can Integrate the network elements of different sub-systems to ensure overall system functioning. IBP Technologies covers the entire telecommunications network space, with specialized consultants in each domain including RAN, Core, IP, Transmission, Backbone, ASN, CSN, OSS and BSS for wireless and wireline networks.

MVI Multi-vendor Integration
With best of breed solutions coming together to form networks, it is highly likely that the sub-systems are from different vendors, increasing the complexity in the network.
Seamless service delivery across multi-vendor network sub-systems requires a high level of expertise in the integration phase. As a solution partner to most of the Tier 1 and 2 communications vendors, we can address various multi-vendor integration requirements.
Network Acceptance Testing
Pre-launch network testing is a critical activity for any network deployment. It is imperative to rigorously test the various network features, inter-working, message flows, throughput, connectivity, coverage and overall network quality so that faultsare rectified before a full commercial launch.

Service Testing
Testing from the end user perspective is the key to measuring subscriber quality of experience. It is critical to test the service levels for voice, data and video services with multiple handsets and varying levels of loading to understand the quality of service delivery. With thousands of automated test cases and infrastructure for simulating different network scenarios, complemented by expertise in handsets, IBP Technologies ensures that our customers stands apart from the competition in terms of the quality of services being offered by their networks.
• End-to-End (E2E) Testing
IBP Technologies offers true end-to-end network assurance that guarantees an adequate level of service delivery for the entire network.