IBP Technologies has made significant investments in physical and technological infrastructure, intellect and other resources, creating truly world class facilities that ensure sufficient capacity to sustain the growing business needs, and providing delivery of high quality solutions to our clients.

Facilities, fully equipped with the latest software tools & hardware infrastructure, available at IBP Technologies, enable us to provide effective process guidance for the task at hand. The entrant facility makes the interaction with the client effortless all through the software development life cycle.

IBP Technologies always has the latest equipment, as well as a possibility to extend our infrastructure quickly if needed.

We have 1 Gbit network infrastructure build on server and network connectivity products from HP (ProLiant networking products and HP ProCurve networking). We have Windows 2003 domain with more than 200 workstations and 18 servers (web servers, frontend and backend mail servers, file server, database servers, firewall and other) as members.

All our servers are connected to uninterruptible power supplies. We use disk protection technology (RAID level 1, 5) on all servers and there are scheduled daily and weekly tape backups (we keep them in different building) of all important data (mailbox store, databases and other). All the members of our domain are protected with antivirus software. We have all necessary parts for servers and workstations in reserve.