With increased focus on technology being developed globally, U.S. businesses are requiring service providers to have increased knowledge of their specific businesses and processes. While focusing on their core competencies, many large companies turned to IBP Technologies to "take over" key processes within their organizations. IBP Technologies is the first of its kind BPO, offering both onshore and offshore outsourcing and consulting services specializing in IT-enabled services, back office outsourcing services and business process outsourcing solutions from India guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality.

IBP Technologies outsourcing services help mitigate risks and secure benefits through a structured, proven approach. IBP Technologies is a fast growing remote e-services company, providing high quality-value added Contact Center services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services from our state of art delivery centers based at Hyderabad, India .

IBP Technologies offers the satisfaction that comes from working with a technologically sound business partner who is committed to continually investing in people, processes, infrastructure and facilities, ensuring the highest levels of performance. We are committed to building scalable and repeatable business solutions ensuring customer success.